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Are you looking for a professional landscaping service because you want to have a great-looking lawn? Maybe you want to ensure that your irrigation system is in good working condition? Either way, Second Generation Landscaping is the company you should choose for the job. We are conveniently based in Antioch, CA, and here is more about what we offer.

Our Services

If you have ever tried to work on your lawn, then you probably understand how difficult it can be. Everything has to be carefully considered for the plants to thrive. You have to handle everything with care, including the roots. Correct soil depth also impacts the health of the plants. When you want to hire a landscaper, our front yard landscaping company is the one you should choose.


We offer excellent paving services. Our specialty is working with the correct materials, and we promise to provide our customers with quality work and exceptional service. Our company has a long-lasting reputation for providing our clients with excellent results and timely completion.
Installing new fences might look like an easy job; however, it's important to remember that doing this is not just about digging holes and sticking fence posts in them. Plant support, decoration, pet containment, and privacy are some of the reasons why you might want to install a fence. When you want to add a fence to your property, our company is the one you should choose.
Tree Service
Normally, when you talk about using a good tree service, you start wondering just why you need to do it. When it comes to maintaining your trees in good condition, there is always a difference between a DIY job and a professional service. When you want to hire a tree expert, contact us.
Retaining Wall Installation
Retaining walls are a great sight around many properties. A retaining wall is a functional element of your property. Terrace slopes are used so they can create level areas in your yard. Retaining walls can enhance the appearance of your property.
Irrigation Service
Our irrigation service monitors the system that handles the watering of your lawn. It includes professional inspection so we can detect potential blockages, leaks, or part failures. It also includes head adjustments and cleaning. Call us for a professional inspection if you notice any signs of misaligned sprinkler heads, lawn damage, and much more. We also do the installation of sprinkler systems.

Increase Property Value

The truth is, hiring a landscaping company offers many lasting gains. This is true if you turn to the right one. A neatly done landscape has the effect of enhancing the appearance of your property and increase its value. With the service of an expert, you will have your property in the best possible condition. Whether you are selling your property or not, you should consider investing in reliable landscaping services. When you work with a company, you can be sure of enjoying a natural environment. A specialist from our company has the knowledge and expertise required for ensuring you get your property’s exterior to look natural.

How We Work

As a reputable landscaping contractor, we use only high-quality tools and precision. We never make any compromises with the exceptional quality of our work. Become one of our happy clients!

Are you looking for a professional quality landscaping company in Antioch, CA? Second Generation Landscaping is the expert team you should hire. Contact us today!


Oct 10, 2020
by Nathanael J. Jones on Second Generation Landscaping
Awesome Assistance

You granted me the best front yard landscaping. That was awesome assistance that deserves five stars. Everything looks splendid, marvelous. It is always nice experience to work with people who show such an amazing dedication. Thank you and keep up the good work! I will recommend your landscaping.

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